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The courses will be 1.5 hours per week for 4 weeks.
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Money matters. This course will introduce finances for new and established Black enterprises. The course explores the unique challenges Black entrepreneurs face in financing and growing their business ventures. Learn all that you need to know with the support of dynamic instructors, interactive lectures, and workshops to cover topics such as the process of opening a bank account, reading financial statements, applying for bank loans and credit cards, cash flow management and budgeting.  


Strategy is an important element in business planning. This course covers the process of writing a business plan, working with experienced instructors, learning all the essential elements of writing an effective business plan for any enterprise in the arts, culture, tourism, or festival sectors. Learn what it takes to develop a foolproof plan to guide the growth and development of your business ventures, attract investors and enhance your applications for bank financing.  

lawyer talk

This course will introduce you to the legal aspects of owning and operating a business in the arts, culture, tourism, or festival sectors. The course will cover the various forms of business ownership including, sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, and the advantages and disadvantages of each. You will receive guidance from legal experts on the most appropriate form of organization for your venture, applying for an HST number, conducting a NUANS search, and all the other legal obligations to operate your business successfully.  

mentour ship

Learn the most effective most- effective use of technology in managing your business in the arts, culture, tourism, and festival sectors. Seasoned instructors will work alongside you to identify the most cost-effective information technology systems and tools to drive revenue, connect with customers, streamline their operations and improve time management. 

man boss

The quality of a network can determine the success of your business. Learn how to build and maintain a network of contacts in the arts, culture, tourism, and festival sectors that can support the growth and development of your business. Learn from professionals how to “work a room.” pitch your business idea, and attract mentors and supporters who can contribute to the success of your new or established business. 

Enhanced Business Skill Sets

This course will introduce you to the basics of marketing in the arts, culture, tourism, and festival sectors. Learn key concepts, including understanding your customer, identifying opportunities in the marketplace, pricing, distributing and promoting your product or service, personal selling, and the use of social media to attract new customers and increase sales. 


Ensuring that your business can source supplies and services in a timely and cost-effective manner will contribute to the growth and success of the cultural enterprise. This course will introduce tools to manage inventory effectively and the re-order cycle to support business profitability. Learn techniques for selecting appropriate suppliers, negotiating price and volume discounts and ensuring quality control.

hiring pov

From hired staff to volunteers, finding the right team to help grow your vision can be challenging. Learn how to identify and hire great talent for your businesses and plan for succession. You don’t have to do it alone; learn how to identify and access the various agencies and online tools to source the right fit for your business

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